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Online Forex Broker Tadawul Fx Expands As More Online Forex Traders Choose Tdfx

PressRelease) Online foreign exchange brokers are downsizing, ongoing to have a problem with the present financial crisis. Tadawul Forex however, is undertake and don't. Bucking the popularity, TDFX as Tadawul Forex can also be known, is growing, lately employing Stavros Yiannakou for that coveted position of Chief Risk Officer.

Online foreign exchange brokers are battling to believe the ongoing financial crisis at hands, but, Tadawul Forex is constantly on the expand. Ramzi Chamat, Boss of Tadawul Forex is for certain their necessity to grow comes from their higher level of customer support - something they feel is unequalled by other brokers online.

The newest accessory for the Tadawul Forex team is Stavros Yiannakou, who now supports the position of Chief Risk Officer. Cyprus-born but educated within the United kingdom, Stavros Yiannakou includes a BSc in Financial aspects and Accounting additionally for an MSc in Shipping, Trade & Finance. His experience like a Senior Foreign Currency Trader with Marfin Laiki Bank then his appointment to Mind of worldwide Forex Risk for the similar bank gives him credence in the market.

Proficiency in Foreign exchange buying and selling, financial analyses, Treasury Administration, Risk Management and operational methods in addition to comprehensive Money Market and Foreign Currency Derivative instrumentation and items makes Yiannakou the envy of brokers rivaling TDFX for clients within this highly competitive market.

In the position of Chief Risk Officer, Yiannakou's job will entail managing operational methods, the danger management department and treasury procedures.

For Yiannakou, being granted the positioning at Tadawul Forex would be a natural progression from his previous experience, but is nonetheless an excellent achievement and something where he's adamant he'll stand out.

"I've built a good status according to my understanding and experience in the web based foreign exchange buying and selling industry. Personally i think certain that I'll have the ability to benefit Tadawul Forex with your experience although simultaneously, benefitting myself from being part of an atmosphere that is so focussed."

"The rapid and aggressive growth of TDFX although maintaining high amounts of service and regular introduction of recent innovative services is within complete contrast with other online foreign exchange brokers. I'm pleased to take part in the winning team."

Equally, Ramzi Chamat is satisfied to possess Yiannakou aboard.

"I've without doubt that Tadawul Forex are only able to take advantage of Stavros' insightful experience. Our customers are getting the most effective service, being able to access and making use of leading edge technology and therefore are being supplied with the data they would like by the most effective staff. Our goal would be to ensure they keep using TDFX his or her online foreign exchange and commodity buying and selling broker of preference."

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