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Forex Expert Advisor - Free Downloads, Ea

Check us out today to obtain your free copy in our incredible expert consultant buying and selling robot.

Watch our backtest results watching our amazing live video have a $10,000 account to in excess of seven million --- Recorded!!!!!

We encourage our clients to first download the disposable form of our Expert Consultant. Our buying and selling robot is really good, we're offering a restricted version that you should try out. It is a fact that "seeing is thinking". The final expert consultant you'll ever "NEED" to make use of.

We provide the very best free EA on the internet. We know that you will find a number of other companies offering CANT LOSE expert experts available. We're certain that when you compare our Expert Consultant towards the competition, you'll decide for yourself nobody may be the BOSS.

Be skeptical of Expert Experts which have removed the "stop-lossInch within their EA's to simulate winning results. Our EXPERT ADVISOR'S aren't industry standard. As seen around the chart above, our Expert Consultant makes "REAL" winning and losing trades. The bottom line is making the most of your wins and restricting your deficits. Our Take Profit & Stop-loss levels take root within our EA and for that reason invisible towards the buying and selling brokers.

Consistent Proven Results


Our competitor's can't demonstrate what we should can. Our Expert Consultant is really good we demonstrate everything! Not one other company enables you to see just as much. We know that you will find many Foreign exchange imposters available offering bogus EA's. Be very skeptical and request legitimate results before you purchase.....

Our precision expert consultant maximizes it's profit when utilized in a mixture on multiple charts simultaneously. This kind of diversification guarantees a effective buying and selling strategy and enables for any 'legal' securing of currency pairs. Our Universal Boss continues to be designed to operate on all platforms and currency pairs.

Our buying and selling robot may also focus on the brand new 5 digit broker's currency pairs without missing one step. Our Universal Boss does what it really states, it creates any Foreign exchange Platform & Currency Pair!

Our Expert Experts will also be constantly calculating the right exit and entry levels. They focus on an "INVISIBLE" system, that doesn't 'tip-off' the brokerage companies regarding your exit levels. Just the Expert Consultant knows when you should open or close a trade. Manual override can also be always a choice to shut a trade.

Our Amazing Recent results for 2009

Our "Effective" strategy uses a mix of Universal Boss Expert Consultant running on multiple 'hedging' charts simultaneously. Currency pairs which will hedge...GPBUSD, EURGBP, GBPCHF, CHFJPY, AUDJPY, EURJPY, USDCHF.

5 Digit Decimal Prices - Now Welcome

Our Universal Boss is effective on 5 digit decimal prices. Our Normal Trailing Stop Level is 10. Within the FULL version - these levels might be modified and examined when needed. We advise setting the Trailing Pause and 30 in fifth digit platforms. Error code 130 - your TS level is not enought.

New Universal Boss EA

Included in our ongoing dedication to delivering the perfect customer experience, we're presenting the brand new Universal Boss Expert Consultant. We've upgraded our buying and selling logic and implanted our Universal Boss automated buying and selling robot with new CUSTOM indications which will trade under any MT4 platform or broker.

Member's -- > please log in our people place to download our new Universal Boss Expert Consultant and Custom Indications totally free.

Winning Trades - 96.43%

Minimal Drawdown - 12.88% (Really Low Risk)

Expert Consultant is updated and optimized to operate on the H4 time-frame. Universal Boss EA might be modified to operate on any currency pair and/or time-frame. Modifications to custom indicator configurations available only entirely (compensated) version. Trade entry is dependent upon prior period trend upswing or forward swing in addition to multiple indicator designs. Changes to trade entry might be produced in full (compensated) version. This enables for that user to possess versatility in creating their own configurations, thus creating a specialist consultant that doesn't act much like anybody else's. Clearly, default configurations are listed and might be accustomed to select from anytime.

Best Buying and selling Setup

Setup all currency pair's for H4 buying and selling time-frame. Optimal buying and selling pairs are indexed by the look below. Download trial or purchase full version now. You should observe that the trial EA is only going to operate on EURUSD H4 with all of parameters locked (because it is only meant for back testing and demo account buying and selling).

When you are sure that our expert consultant may be the choice for you, buy the full version where all parameters are open that you should adjust as you can see fit. Full version creates all currency pairs and all sorts of periods. 5 digit prices can also be no problem. The universal expert consultant handles exactly what the brokers can throw in internet marketing!


The majority of the experts dont open the brand new orders instantly once you run them! Have Patience! Consultant is monitoring the marketplace and opens its trades only on condition of possible profits! Expert-Robots open trades a couple of occasions per week when their internal indications begin to see the market conditions to spread out trades. It normally won't need to open many trades or trade each day. The aim is to create a profit, to not make many trades!

Please be aware that brand new open trades remain in minus for a while because you spend multiplication (commission) towards the broker! That's no problem.

Please Download Our Free Foreign exchange EA

Our Expert Consultant provides a New Management Of Your Capital system. The Expert Consultant will continuously improve your lot size as the balance rises, only in compliance towards the leverage / risk you've set per trade. This function could be switched off. Thus, keeping all lots exactly the same (for each trade). Set the "leverage" or risk level towards the preferred amount you select. We advise only jeopardizing one to twoPercent of the total balance on anyone trade at any given time. You can have fun with these amounts throughout back-testing to actually call at your balance sky rocket.

I downloaded your free trial offer however it does not work?

Our free trial offer expert consultant continues to be specifically updated to operate on EURUSD currency pair & 4 Hour (H4) time-frame. When back testing make sure you are utilizing a "STANDARD" metatrader platform. The trial expert won't focus on a micro account. Simply download another demo account and setup a typical demo account. Our Full Version Expert Consultant trade on NORMAL & MICRO ACCOUNTS.

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